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Friday, February 29th, 2008
4:03 am
New CD Donna Summer
 It's all about "Crayons". Donna Summer's new cd, due May 20. I love "I'm A Fire". I just hope there are plenty of ballads, so she can really sing. As long as the beats kick!!!  "Stamp Your Feet" should be fun. Holla!

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
2:34 pm
Is anyone still alive on here? I saw Donna on her U.S. Tour, July 7, 2005, in Boston. She was, needless to say, fabulous. Everybody cross your fingers for a tour this year (she's performing a few dates starting in May, but I'm not sure if she'll be adding more) and hopefully a new album!!

Have a good one everybody. I hope the community will kick up a little bit so we can all keep abreast of the eternal Ms. Summer.

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
11:51 pm
And they said disco was dead...
Hey! I just joined here! My name is Emily and I'm ALMOST 16! But that's not the important part...

The important part is that Donna Summer rocks my world! My mother introduced me to this lovely artist because her and my father met at a disco. So that's my fascinating story!

My favorite song by Ms. Summer is "On the Radio", and that is also the only album of hers that I actually own. I love every song, though!

Thank you for listening... and thank you for creating such an awesome community!

Pleasurably yours,

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
9:30 pm
РААААДОСТЬ ждала меня на работе - eMule ные темы - ВидеоКлип

Jamiroquai - Bad Girls (Donna Summer Cover Live At The Brits 2002 with Anastacia).mpg

О-о-о, это супер-феерия! Стариннаи оч классная псня Донны Саммер BAD GIRLS в эйсид-джаз-фанковой обработке Джемирокуая с вокалом Джея кея и Энестейши...
Она, конечно, завывает, но... культуррно!

И сам клип... вернее концерт VH1 DIVAS Donna Summer!
О! Волшебна! разве что она в моём сознании отодвигает Бритни Спирс на второй после себя план!

Целый день "сижу" на Донне Саммер - как наркотик...

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
1:50 am
Hey Ted
Where'd you go??? We never chat anymore... you should IM me!
Sunday, October 5th, 2003
1:37 am
Это наслаждение!
Всё лучше, что осталось от Радио России Nostalgie - это РЕТРО ФМ при поддержке Европы Плюс.
Я часто баловался оригиналом - Nostalgie France
И сейчас, приняв немного Gordons Gin'Orange я врубил реал аудио www.nostalgie.fr
Идёт программа NOSTALGIE DANCE
Боже! Какой Кайф!
Donna Summer - Could It be Magic
Одна из знаковых и счастливых для меня песен!
Всем рекомендую http://www.nostalgie.fr
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